Fear Versus Reality

Wow, I just had a moment... My fears play on me when I let them. Here I am going back to church where I know I need to be, for a number if reasons. I know the truth and I can't deny it and live with myself. I've never been ashamed of my beliefs but I've not always told people what I do believe because I didn't want people to judge the gospel on my behavior.

I finally made the decision to go back with David's help and support. I truly enjoy being back, it was all very uplifting. I was aware that I would have challenges to overcome, however; I allowed my fear to take over tonight.

I know that the fear I have is unfounded, it's all in my head. It's the story I tell myself when I don't think I deserve good things. All I can say is amazing things are in store for me, the bigger the fear to overcome the bigger the blessings will be.

I've come to a point that things don't matter, only people matter. Even though I know in my heart that I'm important, needed, wanted and loved. I still allowed fear to tell me a story that I'm unlovable. I'm lovable, I deserve all the biggest and best blessings there are to be offered. Everything I desire that will guide me to be better is mine, if only I don't give into the fear.

I'm so grateful that I really figured out what was going on tonight. I wouldn't want to wallow in that for any length of time, doing that would only break me down.

I choose to believe the best of myself. I choose to unmask the fear and bring it into the light, that way it can't control me.

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