Attracting What You Feel

I was talking with a friend last night and she was lamenting the fact that she was still alone and so desperately wanting someone in her life.  I understood what she meant as I had felt that way myself for many years. However; I no longer want to be in that place, I work hard not to be there, I make a conscious decision daily to be happy and feel that I am enough on my own.

I really was a very negative person for many years of my life and I am so glad I stopped wasting time and I now choose to be positive and happy.  When I pointed out that she would be an incredible partner for the right man and that she never knew when it could happen.  She didn't share my vision, that's when I remember that I never shared that vision when other people told me the same thing.

Since I never believed I was enough, I never met a quality person, I settled for less then what was the best for me.  I read about dating/marrying at the level of our self esteem, I certainly had no self esteem when I married Andrey, if I had any, I never would have married him.  I actually believed he was the best I could do and that is so very sad.

Being free from him has allowed me to really think about what I felt about myself and I had to admit that I had attracted that type of person to me as I believed so little of myself.  Now I expect the best, nothing less... I am a wonderful woman, I deserve the best and I am enough.  One of my ways of continuing to be happy regardless of the situations in my life, is because I choose to surround myself with fantastic people who see the best in me.

I am not saying  that we cannot be sad or feel down, that is normal, we all have those days.  I just refuse to let it linger, I can't or won't allow myself to live in that place, it draws all the energy out of you to feel that way.  I choose to use my energy to be happy and smile. When I reconnected with David, he told me that what drew me to him then was that I was so positive and happy, he wanted that feeling. I hadn't tried to be positive to draw David to me but that happened because I was happy and showed it.

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