Two Days In~Loving The Changes

Well a great thing happened, I wanted to know if I could still blog without promoting it on Facebook and Twitter... the answer was that I could still blog.  I am a happy girl, it is an outlet for me where I can say what I want to.

I bought my books, one of them is 'The PH Miracle', I have a ton to learn from that book.  First and foremost is the water that I drink.  I have to get to a health food store so that I can get some PH drops to make my water alkaline.  First I will have to pick up a Brita Filter.  I also bought my first pair of awesome sneakers in years, the last few I bought I scrimped on; these pair I bought, I love.. they are Nike Airs that are silvery grey and they have a bright orange sole.  They are so comfortable, I can hardly wait to exercise.

I am enjoying the food aspect of the cleanse, lots and lots of salads, vegetables and fruit.  I am really paying attention to what is going into my mouth. It is pretty shocking what I read on labels when I think it will be okay, it's not... it has sugars and wheat in almost everything that is canned or boxed.  I am just going to have to eat natural for the next 30 days.  I would love to keep it up, not sure how realistic that would be but I am really going to try.  Although, I do plan on eating wheat and dairy again, just not willy nilly.  Refined sugar is going to be something that I think really hard about eating again, there are lots of alternatives to it.

So, I started my 30 day cleanse yesterday, everything has been fine, everything but having no contact with David.  I am feeling lost without being able to share this journey with him.  I share everything with him, this just seems wrong not to be able to explain what I am going through.  How in the world can it be good for me to not have a person in my life who brings me up, makes me smile, makes me laugh?  Someone I am real with, open with, honest with?  Maybe it's something I will learn in the next 30 days...  I will be talking to David again, I will be sharing myself and my life with him again.  I have never adored someone so much and felt so cared for in my whole life.  When I found that, I just cannot let go, I cannot give him up... this kind of relationship is something extremely hard to find in this life.

I will be blogging as often as I can, I have so much to learn, read and do and I want to have it written down for myself so that I can always look back on this time and remember.

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