An Open Letter To My Oldest Daughter

I want to tell you how much I love you and I respect you.  I want only the best for you and your beautiful family. I am saddened that just because we don't share the same opinion that this could stop us from being a family.

I will NEVER close the door, you are my first born, I still remember when you were born and how I lightly caressed your cheek with my finger.  I thought to myself, I couldn't believe how beautiful you were and how lucky I was that God had entrusted this little soul into my care. I had so many hopes and wishes for you that day and every day afterwards.

I was so young when I had you, I had lived such a tumultuous life; all I wanted was to make your life happier than mine was; I wanted to do better then my parents, I wanted you to know I loved and believed in you.

Since I was so young, I made many mistakes but I always loved you.  I loved that you were so headstrong even though it put us at odds many times. I still wanted the best for you and I prayed for you continually.

Do you know how happy I was for you that you met and fell in love with your soul mate?  I fell in love with mine too but you actually got to marry yours and you are living the dream with him. In no way do I think it has been easy for you, I know you had to overcome the challenge of being raised by a young single mother.

You did, you surpassed all my dreams for you.  You did not follow in my footsteps, you found a man who loves you for you and you love him that way too. You have a career you love and now you have a beautiful baby boy.  I think you are an amazing mama, it shows on the face of that little boy. 

There will be times that we don't always agree as has happened over the years but you can never deny my love for you.  Close the door and I will always be there standing behind it waiting for you to open it with my arms opened to love you no matter what.

I have two children that I love and I have been blessed by the two of you. I will never give up on either of you; Heavenly Father never gives up on any of us, I'm trying to be more like Him.

I will continue to pray for you and your family, I will always be there if you ever want to talk to me; I love you with my whole heart and soul.  I pray that we won't let opinions keep us from being a family, you mean the world to me, I was so blessed that day that I delivered you. I grew up with you and I saw you grow into the beautiful woman you are today.
"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. Hi Launna:
    I hope all is okay with your daughter. Or is this just a reflection from the past? Beautifully written.

  2. Hi Suzanne, this is from now, my daughter and I are not speaking at the moment as she is upset with me.

  3. Hello Launna:
    This is a very touching letter which we are sure will go to the heart of your daughter for it so obviously comes from your own.

  4. Thank you Jane and Lance, this definitely comes from the heart, I hope she sees it the way I meant it ;).

  5. Launna you certainly have a loving mothers heart. We can all disagree even quite strongly but when true love is there it will overcome. Don't give up keep telling her you love her. If only all people were as loving a mother as you are. Your letter expresses that love.

  6. Thank you Behind the Smile, such an incredibly sweet comment. I try so very much to be loving by letting my children be their own person. I will always be there for them.

  7. I'm sorry for the circumstances that currently exist between you and your daughter that have produced silence. I pray that that will change for the better in the near future.

    In the interim, I am glad you took time to write this letter to her. I have a very close relationship with my Mom and we talk daily, but it is rare that she expresses herself as openly as you have here. Mom has written a few short notes of this nature in birthday cards and I cherish those. Written thoughts and love are precious.


    - Dawn

  8. Thank you Dawn, she has cut me off... I'm hoping that she's still checking in here occassionaly. I just wish she'd understand we all have a right to an opinion. Thank you SO much for your comment!


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