Radiate From The Inside Out

First I walked 4 miles today... it should be 22 miles for the week when I get my second weigh in tomorrow morning.  I'm SO excited... I know the numbers won't always be as good at the first week but it's going to feel amazing to get that first big amount off.

I can't be believe that one week ago I was avoiding walking like it was the plague... Eating the worst food and whining that I couldn't get motivated.  All I can say is Heavenly Father saw into my heart and gave me a way to start.  The contest, Valentina and I getting healthy together and the third reason will be a secret for now.

Let's just say all three of these have given me the motivation to succeed.  Valentina is learning slowly, she is resigned to the fact that we're walking... she didn't even argue tonight.  Besides she got to play at the big playground tonight (more exercise for her).

TV has become a thing of the past... I might watch an hour per week... I couldn't be happier... I also talked to a friend from church and in July I'm going to organize a walking/running club where we can get partners to walk/run with.. The more we have others involved the more successful we will all be...

I want to see us supporting each other... even in the blog world.. Joy from Starting With Myself, and Janice from Fitness Cheerleader and everyone who is fighting the hard fought battle of losing excess weight and just getting healthy.  We we be successful, let's encourage each other as well, let's get out there and motivate others.

My mission is to love my body, curves and all.  I want to be happy with myself so that I will radiate from the inside out... I know that I've been inspired so that I will inspire others... pass it on... I'm filled with gratitude!
I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Hi Launna! I'm here catching up on all your posts. I'm behind on reading blogs and trying to catch up. I'm very happy for you (and proud of you too) that you are taking these steps to take care of yourself and of your daughter too. It isn't easy to make changes and exchange old habits for new ones, but it sounds like you are off to a great start. Hurray for you! You are inspired and inspiring to others. Wishing you the best of luck. With your determination, you should do just fine. :)

  2. hi Luanna

    your words always give me so much energy and positivity :)
    What do you think about new Bijou Brigitte collection?

  3. Thank you so much Daisy, I have been wondering how you you've been with the finding a new place, packing and moving. I bet you cannot wait to be settled.

    I am so dedicated to this, I have never been so determined... I just have so many reasons to get it together... when the time is right, I will tell you all the third reason:)

  4. Thank you Marie... I love your posts, you have the cutest and candid shots:)

    You have a lovely day, I will be catching up on your blog and others tonight :)

  5. So happy to catch up with your blogging, it sounds like a very smart idea...I wish you both good luck and I expect updates :).

  6. Thank you Petronela... I will be updating everyone;-)

  7. Okay, try to picture this, okay? I'm a little old lady wearing shorts and a tee shirt, hair in a pony tail, enjoying the air conditioning of my office here in too-warm Georgia. Sitting in front of the computer, one cat to the left of me, and another to the right. Got it? In my hands are pom poms. Big showy pom poms. See 'em? And I'm shaking them for YOU. You go, girl! I love your determination.

  8. Awe thank you Susan... I am so in the zone...and I lost 10 pounds in my first week...yay

  9. Cheers for you and your promise to yourself. You are so right about the Universe and us.
    You are such an inspiration to all of us. When I miss reading your posting, I feel uneasy. Thanks for sharing such inspirational quotes:)

  10. Thank you Munir... all we have to do is want something and Heavenly Father and the Universe works to give it to us...;-)

  11. YEahhhhh Launna. Cheering for you and yes yes yes to everything you said.Before I comment I always read your last line about the past present and future. Love that. And BTW, I made a video from our hiking pics. If you want to see it I posted on my blog. He's everything...He speaks....And it's always positive and loving. I wish you a beautiful weekend.

  12. Thank you Nikki... I am so inspired and so on track... I won't let anything get me off track again...

    That last line is my own... I wrote it myself. I wanted a tagline, I had quotes for a time and then finally I was inspired with my own.

    I visited your blog... I love the beauty of the world:)

  13. Launna:
    Sounds like a wonderful plan. And organizing the group sounds even more fun!!! I'm so excited for you. I love to walk, it gives me a chance to be present and really look at this beautiful world that I live in. Enjoying walking to success!!!
    Big hug,

  14. Thank you Suzanne... I'm loving the determination and tenacity I have... walking is showing me the beauty of this world.. ;-)

  15. Working out was always the best thing.
    I used to feel repelled, i now feel the happiest the days i give myself some exercise.
    Keep it up :)

  16. Thank you Purple Assassin, I do feel great exercising... I am in the zone and I won't be giving up this feeling. I have a ton to prove to myself and others....


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