I Am Me... I Am Not You...

I just had to sit down and write this immediately, I rarely write one post after another and if I do... I usually post it the next day.  I wanted to write this now and post it right away.. I know that I talk about my David... a lot... he is my best friend.  I need to give a little background to my family dynamics for any of you to understand what I am about to say.  My mother loved my father and only him all of her life pretty well, from the time she was 24 years old, even though my father did not treat my mother good... (he cheated on her) she still loved him and gave him many second/third and forth chances...

It never worked out for them, which I find truly sad for my mother.  I was on this same path many years ago when I fell in love with Tony... it took me 23 years to get him out of my heart, he is not there anymore... if he were to message me, call me... contact me in anyway... I would politely tell him to get over it.  I have NO desire to be with him, nor do I want to be friends with him.. He was a cheater and not only did he cheat on me, he cheated with me after we separated.  I was only able to end it when he was so callous with me about Andrey raping me. I at least ended that relationship completely.

Both of my sisters had loves that they could not forget from their teenage years, Shelly moved on quicker than Lisa but both have have moved on... not to mention my grandmother who divorced my grandfather when my dad was quite young, yet she held a torch for my grandfather until the day she died... never really loving another man.

There's the background... both of my sisters have been after me to get David out of my life... here is my answer to both of them and anyone else who cares to hear it... I did not fall in love with David when we were teenagers... I liked him, I thought he was sweet... I never forgot him because he was one of the kindest boys I have ever met in my life.  We never dated, we didn't even kiss until December 14, 2011... I fell in love with him when he was man.. at the age of 47... not before, I didn't truly even know him before then... besides, he was in a relationship and I never thought or dreamt that there would be anything between us.  See my post, My One And Only.

I did not hold a torch for him over the years, I did not dream about us being together... it was not on my radar... He flirted with me for months and I never caught on... because I never in my life even thought it was a possibility... we were friends... that was it.. My relationship with David is not what my grandmother, mother or sisters had... I had that with Tony.. that's gone.

David is kind, sweet, respectful, loving... he is my best friend.  Sure I get upset that he and I did not make it romantically... we went too fast after he had separated with his nasty ex.  I cannot divulge all the horrible things that she did to him, suffice to say she is one lucky woman that I am a Christian, otherwise I would literally punch her in the face.  However; I am a Christian and I am a woman... so I don't.

Do I think David is perfect?  NO... not a all, yes I had him on a pedestal when we were first together... that was wrong of me... he never asked to be put there, he is just a man, a good man... a good father... he tries to be the best and most honest person he can be... There is nothing wrong with that... I don't want people thinking poorly of him because of me... he did not set out to hurt me, he loves me... he was sad that he hurt me, it broke his heart.

My David has not lied to me, he always tells me the truth... he cares very much about me, he knows I love him... he wants me to be happy and I want him to be happy... even if it is not with me.  Yes that would be hard for me but I love David, truly love him and I want nothing but happiness for him... that is what true love is about for me... I thought very long and hard about ending it with us as I wrote about this the other night, I even had a letter written and a blog post... when it came down to it, I knew I couldn't do it, cutting him out would have done nothing but broken my heart for good.

I am not holding a torch for David and waiting around for him to come to his senses... I am not living in a dream world or LuLu land as people refer to me.  I am living in the here and now, my David is moving on but he is not moving away from being my best friend.  He knows that I love him... it's not a big secret, he reads my blog, it is all over my blog.  Someone would have to be blind, deaf and stupid not to know, he is none of these.

I am sorry, I just get so frustrated when people tear him apart... I know it comes from me being sad about us not being together...  I understand that part but when someone, anyone says to me... I have been holding on to him for close to 35 years... I am here to tell you, that's not true, I fell in love with him 2 years ago, when I got to know him more closely and realized he was just as kind, gentle and wonderful as I thought he was when he was 15.

My David is coming home for in December, I have no illusions about him and I... we are going to hang out, go for dinner, watch a movie... all the friend things... I won't lie, I wish madly that it was different but it's not and I have come to terms with that.  I am sure I will cry about this in the future, I would not be me if I didn't but each time, it gets a little easier... I don't date, nor do I want to date as I would only hurt someone else... no one deserves that... I am really fine with not dating.  I am much too busy with other activities in my life, I have no time, nor do I have the heart to put it out there again.

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. I think we all worry David will hurt you and it's because we care. Sometimes people forget we only hear one side of the story in this sort of forum. Just make sure you are content and happy and that's all that matters. Im a sucker for my David, so I can't talk. ;)

  2. Awe Sara thank you... I am pretty honest and open in my blog but it is my feelings only. My David is a very kind man who would do every thing he could not hurt me.

    I am grateful that so many people care about me... I feel very special and loved<3

  3. I agree with Sara. You absolutely didn't need to explain a thing, but I won't lie - I do feel better now that you did.

    Breakfast After 10

  4. Thank you LuLu.... I felt better writing it... I love my David and and I don't like anyone thinking poorly of him ;-)

  5. Launna, I have a lot of catching up to do here and I'm sorry I've missed out on what has been going on.
    From what I just read, everyone has to be accountable and take responsibility for their own actions. We can give advice but the buck really lies with you. What you choose to do today will have an affect on what you do or who you are tomorrow. I shall be back to read some more.

  6. Thank you Rum-Punch... I agree that ultimately the decision is mine... I just wish my family would respect that.... I am not them :-/

  7. There are only ever 2 people in a relationship and no matter what people on the outside think it's really none of their business and shouldn't be their concern. That's my opinion and hey, if you really love this man then you should be honest about that. Screw 'em if they can't understand. As you said he has been the same with you (honest). They can't understand because they aren't in the relationship (no matter what that relationship is - romantic, friend, mother/daughter, boss, grocery store clerk...). Everyone is their own person and I think its really brave of you to continue to be yourself NO MATTER WHAT!

  8. Thank you Jenn... you made me cry. I love everything you said... I wish more people felt that way... you are the best <3

  9. David sounds like a sweet and wonderful friend, Launna. I think you are very lucky to have him in your life. How you and he define your relationship is completely up to the two of you and shouldn't matter to anyone else.

  10. Thank you Daisy... you are right...David and I will define our relationship... no one will tell me how to live;-)


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