It's In My Control, All I Have To Do Is Decide To Win

My new sitter started yesterday, she arrived on time, she's a little shy (that will be gone soon.... with me, lol).  She also has Valentina walking every where as she herself doesn't take the bus.  This will be very good for my Valya... and for me. Also my work is starting up a ten week Biggest Loser contest... just in case you didn't know, I am extremely competitive... if it is in my control, I will win... it is in my control.  Now I have three reasons to lose weight, one... to get healthy, two... to win the contest and three... to show I can do it...

I am seeing things changing slowly around to my direction... I cannot believe how crystal clear some changes are becoming... all of which gives me hope that how my life is now, is not how it will be... I really needed to learn that.  I had lost that belief... it was always there.

This change in me has happened because first I found out something that made me smile and that cannot be taken away... it's out there... I know the truth... Second there's hope where I was unable to see any and third I will be good with the outcome either way... see the first reason.

I found out that I am in the drivers seat.. I always was... now I know it.  That feels amazing... I guess I had to think I lost it all to appreciate it and to find I never really lost it at all..  Life might not be exactly as I hoped it would be at this very moment in time... it's not as far off as I had originally thought.

The deep sadness and fear I had filled me and the ways I dealt with it stopped me from seeing what was directly in front of me.  I talked about how I needed and wanted to live in the present but until I saw that one sliver of light... I was living in the past and looking for the future.When I live like that, I cause myself unnecessary emotional  pain.  It feels do good to be clear and to know that all I have to do is live in this moment and the future will take care of itself.

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. I have missed many valuable posts of yours maim and hope after exams I can read them!!

  2. Yes enjoy the precious present and don't look backward or forward...look at the "now" and live in the moment.

  3. Thank you Sangay... goodluck on your exams :-)

  4. Thank you Keith... I am focused on the present.... where I should be...;-)

  5. What a wonderful and positive post, Launna. I'm making the rounds of the blogs I read, and I am woefully behind, but I'm trying to stop in and see everyone. This post made me smile. :-)

  6. Awe thank you Daisy... you always make me feel soecial when you comment. :-D


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