Positive Energy Desired

Yesterday was one of those days, I've had very little energy for the past month yet I had so much I needed to get done.  I pushed through the day and got all the dishes done, thanks to my awesome dishwasher and all the laundry, I love my washer too.

Other than that, I did take a little walk with my Valentina, that part of the day was good.  It's just this lack of energy that zaps my good mood too easily.  I need some pep, some get up and go...  I even gave my body a break the past few weeks and I let myself sleep as much as I could.  I don't always let me rest as much as I should.

Well I am off to see the specialist bright and early today, I need to be there by 7:30 am.  Hopefully I'm the first one in, then I won't be too late for work,  less time for me to make up this week.  Then school starts on Wednesday for Valentina.  So today will be extra busy with getting her ready for the first day.

Valentina is so cute, she wants to wear skirts all the time, I'm enjoying this time because I know she'll probably hit junior high and only want to wear boring jeans. Maybe she will stay the individual she is, I hope so.   Those teenage years are not fun when all you try to do is fit in with the crowd.

I have even caught up with all my blogs in between the laundry and dishes.  I won two books from the blogs I read, one a girlie book... I'm looking forward to reading it since one of my favorite bloggers wrote it.  The other is a health book, anything that will help me to feel better, give me more energy will be truly welcome in my life right now.

There's something on my mind these past few days, kind of weighing on my mind...  why can't I just let things go?  Why must I push so hard?  I'm happy, really happy and I haven't been able to say that and truly mean it for a very long time.  It feels good, so I would like to understand why I would do or say anything that might change that? 

I'm going to sleep on it for a few days...  maybe the mood will pass, I really think it has a lot to do with my lack of energy, I hope.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. Hello Launna:
    A complete lack of energy is, we know from having gone through chemotherapy treatment which leaves one exhausted, very debilitating. We do hope that your energy levels will soon pick up.

  2. I truly hope you'll regain your forces and your optimism again lovely Launa. Valentina must be so proud of her mom :).

  3. Oh my Lance and Jane, that is aweful what you had to go through. I love your positive attitude with all that you've dealt with. I'm not used to being this tired, I guess it's my body's way of slowing me down. ;).

  4. Hi Petronela, I'm very happy... just very tired. I'm really not used to being so tired. I'm the girl who normally gets by on 4 hours of sleep, lately 7 is barely enough. Thank you for your comment:)

  5. It's hard to get anything done when you have no energy. I've had problems with that too. Your daughter sounds like a cutie. I hope your appointment went well for you.

  6. Thank you Daisy, my two children are amazing, I'm a lucky mama;). My appointment went well, on a waiting list for an operation, finally. I'm in bed already, just abot time to doze off....


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