You Need Tenacity To Have Faith

This quote reminded me of why I took a walk down memory lane...   I walk down memory lane because I love running into you.

I was in a strange mood Monday night which turned into Tuesday morning.  I almost didn't put up my last post but my blog is about how I feel at any given moment. I was truly disappointed that although life has proven to me time and again that it's unfair, I still seem to have this crazy faith that eventually it can work out.

This faith hasn't helped me to stop being hurt. Yet I keep holding on, what is it that is inside of me that is unwilling to give up that someday, life might actually be fair?   When has it ever been fair for anyone? 

I'm not the only one with challenges, I'm aware of that. I'm not so selfish that I don't see people suffering.  Cindy, my long time friend and sitter, her health is so bad, it's scary. Each day seems worse than the last.

David, who's 21 year old son has had a stroke and who doesn't seem to be getting better.  No father should ever have to deal with this pain that involves their children.  Many people do, that is incredibly sad.

I can see why faith is hard to hold on to.   It's almost overwhelming...  yet I still feel the need to have hope and believe.  With my faith as with others, we believe this Earth life is a testing ground, to see what we are made of.

You can't spell 'testimony' without spelling the word 'test' first! ~ Darryl Easterling

Each time I want to throw in the towel and say I've had enough, something keeps me holding on.  My tenacity?  Is that always a good trait?  Is it serving me well? 

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. I guess my thought is that if you don't have faith, you don't have anything at all. There have been many times when my faith has been tested though. Fortunately, it is still with me too.

  2. That's wonderful Daisy, I know my faith has held me together through some really really tough times. Somehow I keep holding on, thankfully:) Thank you for you wonderful comment!

  3. I often say that having faith isn't for the faint of heart. I believe that firmly. It takes a boatload...several boatloads...of strength and bravery to continue to hold a place of faith. In my case, temerity and an innate stubbornness to not give up and find out what happens next is a big help. I've certainly plumbed the depths of despair and inhabited very dark spaces several times in my life, but I had this stubborn refusal to completely give up. I knew the darkness was temporary and I wanted to know what would happen when it lifted.

    Faith, love of family/friends, love of learning/growing, love of Life...I can't really pinpoint what keeps me going. I just know that something does, and I appreciate each moment I'm given. That still doesn't mean it's easy!! :)

    Keep on keeping on, chickadee. You're not alone on the path. :)

    - Dawn

  4. Hello Launna:
    Sometimes one's faith can be strengthened by looking at the faith of others which survives against all normal odds.

  5. Thank you Dawn, like you there is something that keeps me holding on... I'm sure it's faith as it is the only thing that keeps me believing;)

  6. Thank you Jane and Lance... I totally agree it helps to know and see someone who has gone through so much and thrived on the other end. Very inspiring;)

  7. yes definitely your determination and your faith have a beautiful spirit Launa :)>

  8. Awe thank you so much Petrenola;). You are so sweet!

  9. Faith believes against all odds. I think that is why you don't give up. Faith believes in the way things should be-in justice, good over evil, in love, hope and so on and not in the way things are if unjust etc. Faith gives us our hope even when we cannot see a reason to hope. I think it is a gift from God at least that's how I explain it when I carry on against all the odds.

  10. Behind the Smile, you are so right, hope is given to us from our Heavenly Father;)


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