Why Guys Make Great Best Friends

I read this quote below and I agree whole heartedly with the first seven of these nine reasons, they are so true, at least they have been with David.  I remember my girlfriends who talked about having a guy as a best friend and how wonderful it was, now I see and agree completely.

Reasons to have a guy best friend:

Guys don't start rumors for no apparent reason.
They won't tell your secrets.
They don't PMS and randomly act super rude.
They don't try to steal the guy you like.
They aren't two faced.
They stick up for you no matter what.

They'll give you their sweatshirt when your cold.
They'll carry you when you get hurt.

And they might even fall in love with you.

Okay, not sure David could carry me... lol but all the ones above are an awesome reason to have a guy as a best friend.  I've always had women as best friends throughout my life and unfortunately as much as I love them, they don't compare to having a guy as a best friend. 

Men and women think so differently and it is wonderful to be in a best friend relationship with a man so that I can really see and feel how a guy really thinks... Of course my David is a whole lot nicer than most men, so it makes it so much easier!

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. totally truuee!!!
    I have a guy best friend and we totally 'click' with each other
    and we could do things that I can't do with my girl best friends

  2. yes we are so different... I have been reading your last post and I always find interesting thoughts and reflexions for living. Thank you for sharing them.
    Greetings from this guy, friend af you!

  3. Thank you Sayid, isn't it great how we can say different things to our guy friends that we could never say to our girlfriends:)

  4. Thanks Armando, it's nice to see you back, you have had a very busy summer:) I can't wait to see all the pictures;)

  5. yup...
    besides, he's not as judgemental as my girl friends

  6. I agree Sayid, I can tell my David anything, he rarely flinches and he NEVER judges;)


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