Hold On One Minute More, It Is There That You Will Succeed

I spent yesterday keeping up with my housework (not fun), I bought groceries (very much needed) and I went through all my favorite blogs and I got caught up (that was fun and interesting).   I even went into all my blogs and the one's that had the option to email me when a new post was ready, I enabled that feature. I'll be able to read them throughout the day, instead of saving them up for the evening/morning/weekend.

I wish everyone had the email option, it would make reading and commenting on blogs SO much easier for me.  Oh well, this bit will help me for now.

I always feel so uplifted and rejuvenated after I have caught up with my favorite blogs, each one has different thoughts and ideas that I always learn something from.  When I gain inspiration from another blogger, I always put that persons name and blog in my post. I want everyone to know where I was inspired from and by who.

I like to promote people who inspire me and make me think.  I was going to write a post yesterday as I was inspired but time got away from me and since I am working at keeping my house organized, I have to do what I can to keep it up. Also, I was a little weepy and I didn't want that to come through my blog.

I've been attempting to keep myself positive and uplifted.  It's not always easy but I keep doing it until I feel it.  Kind of like that saying, fake it till you make it.  Eventually, I will be my positive happy self, more in line with who I am and who I want to be.

My 'D' will be home soon (in Alberta of course) and I really missed him, it hasn't even been two weeks.  I don't know what I'm going to do when he goes on exercise in January for a month.  A month is a really long time with no contact, I'll have to write emails weekly just so I can get out what I need to say. 

These past couple of days have been difficult as I'm dealing with something.  I want to be successful and overcome anything that pulls me down or pulls me back from being the best me that I can be.  It's not always easy but I hold onto the fact that it will be worth it. I can overcome anything I put my mind to, I will be strong!

Thank you everyone for the positive thoughts and prayers, they are all very much appreciated.  I am succeeding day by day, overcoming what I need to with the help of everyone:)
"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield

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