Being My Own Knight In Armor‏

Your knight in armor should be yourself

I think my whole life I've had this sadness under the surface because I never ended up with the knight who would slay my dragons for me. I've come to realize I need to slay my own dragons and maybe slay a few for him too.  I feel I missed a great deal of my life by not being present, always looking for what was up ahead, it had to be better, didn't it?  Nothing is better than right here and now. It's truly all we really have. 

I talked to my Andrea on Skype and got to see my little grandson Jackson. That boy is handsome and my daughter looks like Adele (the singer) or I should say Adele looks like my daughter, both of them are beautiful.

My D is going away for 14 long days. No communication, I'll be sending him a homemade treat this weekend so that when he gets home, it will be there for him to enjoy. I'm going to miss him but 2 weeks will fly. See life is spinning away fast, I want to enjoy each minute I've been blessed with.

I only want to spend it with people who uplift me, people who care about me.   Those people are few and far between, the older I get the more I realize how difficult it is to really open up to another person fully.

I have traits or ideas that are quirky or different, I'm as unique as my name. I was born for a higher purpose as we all are but I truly know that now.  I think I was afraid of failing in the past, time is getting short though, I don't worry about failing nearly as much anymore.  Eventually it will lead to success. 

Although I know certain things for sure, where I have absolutely no doubt.  I have to live my life in the here and now, being my own knight in armor.  Until the day I have my own worthy knight that will help me slay my dragons and I'll help him slay his too.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. Hi Hon! I just nominated you for the Sunshine award. Please visit my site to grab your award badge and leave a comment there to let me know you got it! Congrats!

  2. Hi Launna. In the last days i have been knowing your family and friends and now I know you better. Thanks and a kiss from Spain

  3. Thank you Menopausal mama, once I am done de cluttering my daughters bedroom and mine... it has been a really long week. I have be cleaning like crazy, I will definitely visit your blog:)

  4. Thanks Armando, I have been wanting people to know the special people in my life, they have always been there to help me to be who I am today:)

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  6. Oh Launna, you definetly are Knight!!! :))) In so many ways.. I belive, that menthal side was so importan in Knites, have to be strong.. and flexible, spiritual. All of that you are, and so much more :))

  7. Thank you Maarit, that is so very sweet of you to say;)

  8. Thank you for the kind words anonymous:)


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