Instant Anything Never Lasted

I was reading through a blog today and I went back to an older post that literally made me sob, the girl that wrote it had actually written it sometime ago but wasn't able to post it until July of this year when she finally shared it.  I applaud her for her rawness, realness and honesty; it's so difficult to be true and open to yourself and others.  The blog is under 'Seek beauty and you will find it' by Carly Ester.

For some reason, the world wants instant happiness, instant gratification and when life doesn't work out the way you thought or knew it should, you somehow instantly have to get over it.  REALLY???

I'm the girl whose emotions are deep, raw and real.  I don't love for just a minute, I love with my whole heart.  When my heart breaks, it takes a long time to heal.  I give myself completely over to any emotion I'm feeling.  There is nothing fake about me, I'm as real as they come. 

I also find that there are people who cannot deal with my rawness and being real.  Oh well, I cannot change this trait, I am who I am.   I expect honesty and openness from the people in my life, I want nothing less and I give nothing less.  

I follow well over 100 blogs, 40 or 50 regularly.  I have many different types that I love to read.  My favorites though are the one's that are open, real and honest.  I feel connected to these people, they seem to understand what I've been through and they know that life doesn't simply move forward instantaneously.

I'm also the girl who believes in hope, the eternal optimist.  Although I feel as if the world has tried to crush or bury me, I have survived and grown in ways that even surprises me.

I love me, even when I'm raw, it's then I'm the most real.  I believe in my dreams and I believe in me.  My David read my blog the other day and he said he was amazed at how many people identified with me and my writing style, he's proud of me and he said I must be proud also. 

I wouldn't say I was proud but I've always known that I could write and should write.   I'm glad to have the outlet and I feel grateful.  I do believe in myself and I'm happy other people do as well.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. This is an uplifting post, Launna. I think in order for other people to believe in you, it helps to believe in yourself first. You do and people identify with that. I'm glad I have blogging as a creative outlet too. It's nice to be able to connect to others through blogging. I hope you have a nice Sunday! :)

  2. Thank you Daisy, I'm glad I found your blog too. You have an awesome Sunday:).


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