My Sister Shelly

Shelly and I were not always close, however; I have to say that I respect her and I am in awe of how she has changed her life around.  As children we were as different as night and day.  I was shy when I hit high school and Shelly was popular (not in a good way), I found out later.  She was in with the bad crowd but I saw her as popular, pretty and she never had a problem dating.

We never became close until the past few years, we talked a lot and the funny thing is that she kind of resented me for how well I did in school and I kind of resented her for her so called popularity. She wanted to be known for more than her beauty and I wanted to be known for more than being smart.

I have great respect for her because she was very young, just 16 when my dad and mom separated again and Shelly moved with Dad to Binghamton NY.  She married a man who was controlling and abusive and she had two boys a year apart.  Finally when she left him, he got a hold of her and raped her.  For years she dealt with that in ways that I now understand, she mostly hurt herself.

Finally she got her life together when her two boys chose to live with her when they were young teens, she started her own very successful cleaning business, as well she went to university in the evenings. She finally got her degree as an MSW Social Worker, I am so proud of her... I know how hard this had to be, she worked full time, owns her own home raised my nephews (they are amazing boys) and when she was in her 30's she had another child as well.

She has overcome one horrendous incident after another but she never gave up, she believes in herself and she proved to everyone, especially herself that she is not just a pretty face.  She has brains to boot and she did this all by herself.  She really had no one helping her, I have to commend her and give her the praise she so rightfully deserves.

I love her, even if we have not always been as close as I have been with my other sisters.   This girl is strong, even when she was down, she pulled herself up and made a life to be proud of.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. You are indeed blessed with sisters. :)

  2. Thank you Daisy, I have some pretty amazing sisters;)

  3. Your sister sounds very brave, I see it runs in the family. I also have a sister and we are like night and day but that won't keep up from being close, just like you two. Kisses Launa.

  4. Thank you Petronella, my sister is very brave;)


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