My Sister Darlene

My sister Darlene is nine years older than me, although she doesn't look a day older than me (actually I think she looks younger). I am hoping I have her great genes when I get that old.  I didn't grow up with Darlene as my mother was married at the age of 18 and had three children with Dale before separating and than my father and mother became involved.

My mother didn't raise my three older sisters, her mother did.  From my understanding my grandmother wasn't a very sweet woman, apparently she was abusive as well.  I know that Darlene was the good girl, she went to school, gave gran very little trouble.  She is a peacemaker,  she is always looking to keep in contact with her family.

So, I had reconnected with my sister Cheryl well over 25 years ago and I ended up calling Darlene one night to reach Cheryl.  That was when Darlene and I started writing to each other, she never missed a birthday or holiday with a card, she is so very thoughtful and kind.

Than in the spring of 1994 Darlene called me to tell me she would be coming to Halifax, she lived in Salem Oregon at the time.  I asked her if she was coming up this way for something else and she said 'no', I am just coming to visit you.  I was shocked and I felt very special that she would come that far for me.  She came up for 4 days that summer and we had the very best time.  We connected and became closer than two people could ever be.

After she went home, she called me and told me that everyone was getting the money together for me to go to Oregon in the summer of 1995.  I suspect she paid for the majority of the trip, I went there for 23 days and she made it so special for me.  I felt important to her, she loved me and still does no matter what.  I feel so grateful that we connected back than, especially since we had not even known each other for many years, other than hearing the others names while we grew up.

She even came to Halifax for a day when she was on a 7 day cruise a couple of years ago, I kept Valentina home from school for the day, I took a vacation day and I spent the day downtown with her and her incredibly sweet hubby Tim.  I love this sister of mine, who loves me for me and always makes me feel so special.  I am incredibly blessed to have her in my life.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. Your sister is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your family!!! :)

  2. Thank you Suzanne, all my sisters are beautiful ;). They are beautiful on the inside and out ;).

  3. Launna I am glad you are blessed with such a sister. To know someone in your family cares and loves you even if they don't live just round the corner, is such a blessing. Smiles.

  4. Thank you Behind the Smile, Darlene is a bessing;)

  5. She also made it out to my wedding, mama! Aunt Darlene is pretty awesome :)

  6. Yes she awesome, I adore Darlene ;)


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