Life Experiences Give Us The Opportunity To Strengthen Our True Character

The only way to get what you want is to risk being uncomfortable. The greater your gratitude for discomfort, the greater the opportunity. ~ Chris Cade

Some people raise us up, some people pull us down.  Why do we choose to waste our time on the one's who drag us down?  I think we (people who believe others can change) really believe that people are good underneath.  That isn't always true though, some people are out to hurt us no matter how good we are to them.

I've made a conscious decision to have people in my life who uplift me and care about me.  Life is too hard to have anything but the best people as your friends to support you.  I know that I have no desire to tear my friends down, I want them to be happy and successful. 

I heard something profound tonight, it made me cry because I realized I had been too wrapped up in other things, than taking care of myself.  I need to be thankful and grateful for the way circumstances have happened to me in my life.  From these things I have grown, the bigger the trial, the bigger the chance to grow.

So instead of looking at our trials as burdens we have to carry, we need to be really thankful for them as those trials have made us who we are.   If someone cannot appreciate that they could have had it all, that is their loss.  Each day I'm moving forward and building on being a better me and when the time comes as I know it will; I'll be there, not to mock and say I always knew exactly how everything would turn out.  I'll be there to understand and forgive; everyone makes mistakes, everyone can change.

 I'm really a forgiving person, I give people many chances.  I always forgive and move on, I don't want to waste any of my time or energy trying to figure out why someone would act like that.  I just move on and be happy.

Someone once told me that our life experiences teach us how to behave. But I believe our life experiences give us the opportunity to strengthen our true character. ~ Michelle Ernsdorff

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. Hi Launna, i have that same thing, busy busy. I´m gonna today read blogs...Just came to see how are you :))

  2. Thank you Maarit, have a great day:)

  3. If you ask me, Launa, you've reached the best conclusion...forgiving is a good choice especially for you...getting rid of unwanted burdens that darken your whole perspective.

  4. Thank you Petronela, I believe forgiveness is the only way to move forward for me ;). Have an awesome day:).

  5. Love this blog post--sounds like the current story of my life. I am a nice person and always try to do the right thing, but inevitably someone gets mad, says hurtful things to me and I get all worked up over it. Well, at my age, it's just not worth the hassle anymore-I've learned to cut people like that out of my life, including some family members(in-laws). Life is far better now without their negativity around!

  6. Exactly Menopausal mama, I am with you, life is way too short to waste it on people who are negative. ;)

  7. Ye really very true


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