Managing My Stress

Today was one of those lazy days, I woke up early... fell back asleep, woke up again to eat breakfast, then back for another nap... so relaxing.  I really needed a day like this, it rejuvenates me. We are coming into our very busy time at work, it is year end for us, so we will be extremely insane for the next few months. 

I have one long weekend coming up in November, I plan to just relax and do a few things just for me.  I will have to make sure I keep everything as organized as I have been, it makes like so much easier.  I am going to have to be on Valentina more, she is rather lazy and she always says she is going to do it later... later becomes me. So going forward we are going to take a 5 minute walk around to make sure everything is picked up and put away.
I refuse to fall back into that pattern where my house was out of control and where I didn't care, I care now... I like how clean it is, I love knowing where everything is and not just guessing.  So, I am overcoming my own laziness and loving how I have made my home a home.

In January I am starting my accounting course while I am going through year end, the only way to accomplish this is to keep organized.  You know what I have found through this purging is that I am so much more relaxed, I don't dread where to start, I don't feel overwhelmed.  I feel at ease, I can see that everything is manageable. 

Today I don't waste time searching for items, I have more time to spend with Valentina, I made my own applesauce which I then made into and cake.  We had a lot of fun measuring and mixing then finally getting to test it out, she told me she loved it.  This weekend has been a really good weekend for Valentina, she had a fun party on Saturday and today she got to make a cake.

I am off to bed now, another full week ahead of me but I am going to make sure I take an hour or so a week just for me, reading a book, listening to music, talking with a friend.  It will help keep me centered, than my D will be home, I really miss talking to him... he always makes me laugh and he knows just what to say.  Also back to my healthy eating of salad and rice meals again.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield

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