Enjoy The View

"I think that you have to believe in your destiny; that you will succeed, you will meet a lot of rejection and it is not always a straight path, there will be detours - so enjoy the view."

- Michael York
This quote above is true... it seems we all want a clear sailing path without the rejection or sadness but what would we learn from having a life that never had real growth opportunities?  Would we truly be happy, joyful and grateful?  I know we would all like to think that we would, I would hope that I had those qualities... However; I have seen in my own life that when things are wonderful, I tend to get lost in myself and I stop giving of me to others as I should.  Not on purpose by any means... I think trials are sometimes given to me to remind me that I am here for a higher purpose or reason than just to make myself happy.

Although I am not thrilled to admit this to myself, I would not be honest if I didn't admit that many of the trials I have gone through, I have brought on myself by poor decisions.  I know as a mother that when one of my children has made a choice that wasn't appropriate, I have had to give out consequences... In the past I was the kind of parent that would just give in because I didn't want to deal with the fall out of what discipline can bring but I have learned that unless I am firm with my resolve and I learn to understand that I am not showing love my giving in, I am showing that there are no real consequences to their actions.

I liken this to myself because although I don't want to see my children unhappy and uncomfortable, I do want them to know that a lot of the time they can avoid these feelings by making better choices in their lives.  I didn't have very good roll models when I was growing up with Ruth my ex step mother and my father.  My father let us do whatever, he was like a big teenager and he was never really a parent... case in point, when my mother and father reunited when I was fifteen, my dad didn't just let us smoke or drink, he actually bought these for us...  WOW... at the time I thought this was cool... yeah... once I became a parent I thought this was insane...  and Ruth, well let's just say she isn't really worth my words or time. 

Instead of rewarding bad behavior, I show love... I sometimes think that some of the trials we are given are to show us love... there is no trial that is easy but those trials we bring on ourselves seem the hardest to handle.  Instead of focusing on the trials lately, I have been enjoying the view along that path, the trial won't last forever and I want to learn the lesson I need to, so that I will stop repeating the poor choices I have made in the past.

This is not to say that there are not trials that happen that absolutely none of us deserve, some that are almost beyond comprehension but I have learned that although painful, there is always something that I come away with and it almost invariably strengthens me.  It's like that story about how we are always being refined and polished to become the best person we are capable of becoming, which is truly much more than we are really aware of....

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Being a parent is, I think, one of the toughest jobs around, but it is very rewarding. And yes, we do have to lead by example and discipline when necessary. Showing love is probably the most important thing we do for our kids.

  2. Thank you Daisy... I agree... leading my example is the best thing we can do as a parent ;)

  3. Personally I don't believe in destiny...I believe in my own choices and in building my own path.

  4. Thank you Petronela, I believe we make our own choices too... nothing is pre-ordained. ;-)

  5. o.o its so not easy to be a parent xD

    visit my blog ^^

  6. Thank you Inge and no it's not easy to be a parent;-)

  7. I'm 21 years old now, living alone 2.500 miles away from my parents and seeing them twice a year, but I'm always thinking of all they did for me and all the things that I learnt from them. I think that being a parent (wich obviusly I'm not) its all about teaching your children to make the right choices, and when they make a bad one, a parent must make sure that they learn a valuable lesson, no matter if they get mad at you for a while, cause then, when they turn to 21 like me, they will love and be grateful to their parents just as I do right now.

    Greetings from Chile.

  8. Thank you Jose, I totally agree... we have to be parents and then our children will be grateful when they are older:)


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