Curvy Destination

 All challenges exist only to better guide you toward your desired destination. ~ Cece Suwal

When I read quotes like that above about how all challenges are only there to get you closer to the destination you were meant to seek; it makes me ponder the many challenges I have dealt with.  Although I've been grateful for the challenges in the past, lately I've been thinking poor me, really???  Oh my, I was having a pity party.

Not that I don't have the right to be sad occasionally, that's normal, that's life. It's when I'm having those long term pity parties that I need to stop wallowing and remember how blessed I am.   I think I don't handle some things so well, I always have to push the boundaries. 

I had an interesting thing happen last weekend.  First I read a blog from a woman who was around my age and had a baby late in life (could have been me), next I read a blog of a woman who did a sponsorship of a man and how awful that turned out (could have been me).  Then I read the blog where the woman rekindled a relationship with her high school crush. (could have been me).

I realized that I had lived all of these stories in my lifetime and they all sounded compelling to me individually.  I've lived or am living all three of these stories; no wonder I'm slightly overwhelmed.  When I think about all the different challenges I have overcome and how much I've grown, I think... wow.  It actually makes me think, I am way more powerful than I have given myself credit for.

What makes me different by overcoming all the statistics, I was a high school drop out because I was pregnant at 17 and than I lived on the system for years.  I refused to stay there though, I always, always wanted better.  I went to school, I worked part time, I just kept moving up. The universe/God gives us everything we want.  We just have to remember we deserve it all and we should go after them. 

Sometimes I don't like being an adult, it's boring and hard;).  Being an adult is acknowledging when you've done something wrong and changing it.  It's always tough to do the right thing but it's the most rewarding when you're able to  make those changes because you want to.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield 


  1. We can be adult, but let that inner child out to play more often!!! Ice cream anyone???
    Great post!!!
    Hugs :)

    1. I am letting my inner child out more often, she is lots more fun:)

  2. We grow and get responsibilities with maturity,
    is important to emphasize that we have the power to choose and dictate our rules.

    1. Yes we do have the power, I choose to stay young at heart and keep the fun in life:)

  3. 'All work and NO PLAY makes Jack a dull boy". Don't be an adult all the time, you will be unhappy. When no one is looking, I jump on the beds, dance til I drop, sing as if I had a voice, make funny noise, crack jokes (although no one laughs) oh how the list is endless.

    Then when it is out of my system I go back to being an adult. Such fun. After all, from this post alone I can tell that you didn't have a 'silver spoon' in your mouth, so enjoy it while you still can.

    1. Hahaha, I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth... I do plan to have as much fun as I possibly can. Life goes by too quickly to grow up too fast:)

  4. Nice post, thank you for sharing it.

    Love your page!!!

    Choi mo hinh


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