What You Focus On Becomes Your Reality

I had an aha moment today... then I heard the quote "what you focus on becomes your reality".  Which I am well aware of but sometimes I need to be reminded, I totally understand that people don't always know how to take me...  for the most part I am really happy, one of those silly happy people that smiles radiantly.  So when I am sad, I am the complete opposite of the spectrum, I am real, I cry, I sob, I feel so much pain.

It really bothers me when people don't understand or judge me or anyone else who is sad.  I am real, I have feelings both ways and really the majority of me is really happy, really positive, really uplifting.  So I really hope that when I am sad, people will be kind and remember that it is a part of life.  I have had sad incidents in my life, I have overcome massive issues in my life.

Yes I will be sad but it won't last forever, it never has, even when it feels like that.  I know better, I really know that it will pass eventually.  The aha moment I had today was being reminded that what I focus on becomes my reality.  Valentina reminded me of this because she has such a strong faith, she tells me things without doubts.  I realized that I had lost my focus and I had forgot that I have asked, I believe and I will receive.

I also forgot that what I want is good, wonderful and even awesome.  I neglected to remember that I needed to give up the painful things that weigh me down.  A lesson at church reminded me of that today.  I can give my problems up to Heavenly Father and he will take those troubles away that weigh me down.  I need to stop taking on all the problems in my life alone, I am not meant to deal with everything by myself.   I am able to rely on my Heavenly Father.

So, I am back on track, I have given up some of my problems, things I can do nothing about... things I cannot change.  I also will pray with the heart of a child, like Valentina does, I will believe that because what I want is good, wonderful and awesome that I deserve it.   Most of all I will focus on the good, there is always something good and I will believe.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. Launna you are a very smart lady who handles pain and suffering a lot better than most of us...You are wise enough to realize that your sadness is temporary and you must consume it, it cannot be avoided...I believe the same...one must confront its fears, feel them and then they will go...

    1. Exactly Unikorna, we have to allow the sadness to consume us so that we can get past it, it can never be avoided, it just keeps coming back bigger and harder to deal with:)


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