The Point Is To Be Happy

I have to laugh or at least chuckle when I get an ah ha moment, sometimes when they happen, I wonder what took me so long?  This week I have been getting small ah ha moments and then I got a big one last night.  I have been wanting some answers so that I could grow, move on, become a better me.  I finally asked my questions, not really expecting the answer that I wanted. 

The answer came, it was short, to the point... kind of disappointing that there wasn't more of an explanation.   Sometimes we have to take it for what it was and just move ahead.  Staying where I am is not conducive to my happiness and I really like being happy.  I love the feeling, smiling, excited; I don't want to lose that feeling, so I have to progress.

I have this need to not regret a decision so I stay in a spot longer than I should.  The big answer came, I can't hold on to the past, it's time to go on.  I really learned a lesson though, I have always wanted my life to go a certain way.... I now realize it was always meant to be another way.  I fought against it for most of my life because I refused to realize that what I really needed was to be happy with myself. 

I am now, happy with myself... why I took so long I will never know.  I always felt like I needed someone to complete me, when no one can do that for us.  Only we can do that for ourselves.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield 


  1. So glad to hear that you're so happy, Launna! That's what life is all about :)

  2. Yes Allena, life is about being happy... not always easy but definitely why we are here:)


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