Freedom To Be And Breathe

I've been in a fog with my CPA course, finally done, a respectable 72%, if not the best mark, I think I did okay with everything that was going on with my life.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe.  I'm taking 6 weeks to spend lots of time with Valentina and calling Andrea often.  I may take an accounting course in the fall,  I like accounting though:).  I also want to get caught up with my blog friends and their blogs.

I noticed today that I have over 100 followers, thank you everyone; that's a huge milestone for a personal blog.  I am really touched that so many people read and follow my blog.

Also, I really want to thank Dana for posting about how to get social media buttons on your blog, she sent me to a blog called Greatfun4kids that had it spelled out so easy, even I could make them.  They look so pretty across the top of my blog.  As well, I wanted to thank Rhodora for explaining how to add 'you may also like these links'.  Next I'm doing a full blog revamp, I'm not all that technical but I hope it turns out pretty.

This weekend I'm tweaking the inspiring blog I had and getting it posted soon.  It has really touched me, I have lots of ideas.  I did want to have everything created at the same time but I think I will just get the blog out, then create the Facebook page and work from there.

It's interesting that one thing can change your whole life on a dime.  I've had some life changing moments and they are becoming awesome even though they were difficult.  It's not easy to go through the refining process even when it ultimately makes us much better people.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


I love and appreciate all genuine comments, to save a little time, I won't be commenting on the comments on my blog (unless you don't have a blog), I will just visit your blog and comment there, if you have left a meaningful comment for me... I would much rather spend the time reading and commenting on a few extra blogs ❤