Once In Your Life

Soul Mate:  "Someone with whom you can completely be yourself, share unconditional love with and when you look into each others eyes you have the experience of being home."
Once in everyone's life someone comes along who shakes your life up and it's never the same again.  Sometimes it's a good shake up, it makes your life more fun, interesting and exciting.  Other times they are there to make you think about what you are actually doing with you life. This can actually give you a chance to make the changes you might want to make. Either way, we should be grateful for the shake up; it shows us how to deal with changes.

Life is ever changing, we have to decide to go with those changes or we will never truly be happy.  Fear in change will never give you strength; it will only break you.

David is the one who came in to shake my life up; first he showed me I am more than worth being with. Second, it's always good to have the chance to be with someone you had on a pedestal all your life; no one should be up there.  It's not good for you and it's not good for them.  Third, sometimes you have to lose your dream to make it even better then it was.

Although, David shook my life up and in the end left me sadder than I've ever been in my life; I'd never change it.  I'll always be grateful for every moment I had with him; mostly I'm thankful for having the fairy tale and regardless of how it all ends up in the future, I've found my soul mate and best friend.

Some people can never say that; some people never know that kind of love.   I've had the best love in the world and now I've got my best friend.   I can tell him anything and he'll always be there for me.  He can tell me anything and it won't change how I feel about him either.

When people come into your life and shake you up, you might want to say thank you; they are helping you grow.

Have you ever thought that
if one thing hadn't happened,
a whole set of things
never would've either?
Like dominoes,
a single event kicked off
an unstoppable series
of changes that gained
momentum and spun out of control,
and nothing was ever
the same again.
Don't ever doubt that
a mere second can change
your life forever.


"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield 


  1. Wonderful post and it is so true!!! Being grateful for everything that happens, for it does make us who we are. I started reading "The Magic" all about gratitude, it is beautiful to be in that loving feeling.
    Many blessings to you!!!

    1. I am going to read the "The Magic" next, I am reading "The Power" right now:)

  2. Yes I'm fine ;) I just think I loose my inspiration.. Oh. And I'm working on some project and hope It will be up on my blog soon :) Vacation gones great, finally I find some time to relax so It's great! Thank's for asking. And I want you to know that I read all of your posts I just don't write often because I feel I have nothing good enough to say about your smart words.
    Anyway, cheers L :*

    1. Marta, you are so sweet, thank you for all the kind words and for letting me know how you are:)

  3. There are no coincidences. The people we need are sent to us when we need them. For whatever reason!

    1. I agree with you Diane, I really believe David was destined to be there for me, no he just needs to know we are destined to be together forever;)


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