Your Attitude Can Change Your Day If You Let It

Today was one of those days that started out on a bad foot but turned around before the end of the day.  First, I had a tough time waking up this morning, I kept laying in bed dozing... waking up... dozing... finally I got up.  I attempted to get into gear to get ready for work, at 6:00 am I received a text from Cindy, she was having health issues and not able to come down to take Valentina to school but she had someone that we knew close by that could take Valentina to school... So, I kicked it into high gear and my sweet little girl helped me get ready quickly enough to leave on time.

I dropped Valentina off to the sitters and headed off to catch my bus... well, this is where it all went wrong.  Making my way to the bus stop, I suddenly flew into the air and landed hard on my butt and back, I smacked the back of my hand against the concrete.  I pulled myself together, got to the bus stop...  hopped on the bus (well, not really hopped since I am using a cane due to my leg still healing); next thing I looked down and my bag I was carrying my lunch in was dripping.  I looked inside and there was my lunch wide open in the plastic bag (chili). 

Can I say I was frustrated and I wanted to cry right on the spot.  I decided to get off the bus at the mall to throw out my lunch since it was dripping everywhere.  I ended up waiting for the next bus... So, I got to work and found out that we were all getting a free lunch at work today, they do this occasionally in year end (I am in payroll), I was pleasantly surprised.  I made it home and a really sweet lady from my church messaged me that she wanted to drop by, I said sure...

When she came by she had prepared dinner for me, can I tell you how sweet this was and how special I felt.  This young mother of two darling children had taken the time to prepare a lovely meal for Valentina and myself.  Although I am sore and sure that it will take some time to heal, my mood is already 100% better than it was this morning... all it took was me not freaking out and getting upset.  I'm grateful that I didn't let one nasty fall ruin my day.

This just goes to prove to me now more than ever that although there are events that happen in our lives that could bring us down... we just have to relax, you never know what's around the corner, in my case really nice things. 

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. Oh Launna, I'm so sorry to hear you had a bad fall and also that your lunch was ruined. I hope you didn't hurt yourself too badly from the fall. How amazing and wonderful that your lunch was provided for you at work and then someone kindly prepared dinner for you as well! I'm so happy to hear that your day turned around in the right direction for you. Very uplifting post! :)

  2. Hello Launna:
    Possibly it also goes to prove that there is still much human kindness in the world and when things appear to be going badly it very often, in surprising ways, comes into play.

  3. Thank you Daisy, I am glad I didn't let it get me down, everything turned out fine... I am still sore and will be for a while but I'm okay:)

  4. Yes Jane and Lance I agree, this incident just proved it to me even more... thank for your insightful comment:)

  5. So sorry to hear about your fall, that is such a bummer. I hope you are just bruised an nothing more! How fortunate though the Universe sent you a meal just when you needed it at lunch and a helping hand for dinner. Life works out like that sometimes. Glad your day got better!

  6. Thanks Jenn, it did get much better.... I was thrilled;-)

  7. right on.!.
    if we want the day to go better
    we should act better

  8. Angels and human angels are there for you!!! Great story!!

  9. Thank you Sayid, I am glad I chose to change my attitude at that moment:)

  10. Thanks Suzanne, I am grateful to have had the experience, it makes for a good strong memory when things are not that great :)


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