Redemption Is A Rescue

I watched one of my all time favorite movies tonight, The Shawshank Redemption, it always inspires me to think how I can be free in my mind no matter what the circumstances are.  If the main character Andy Dufresne could remain hopeful after the many trials he had to overcome, why can I not have that same mind set, my trials are no where near the ones the character had to deal with.

This movie has many lessons, I see it a bit differently each time... it depends on the mood I am in when I watch it.  Tonight I saw it as two very good friends whose friendship grew so strong throughout the years that by the time Red received a postcard, he knew by the postmark where Andy had talked about.  This is the kind of friendship I treasure, I want that again... I do have David that I can talk to but lately we haven't had that due to his health.  He has to go back in the hospital for surgery again.  I am hoping he heals quickly so that we can get back to really talking. 

Every once in a great while a movie comes along that touches me and I never get bored from seeing it many times over the years.  I mean the kind of movies that inspire, uplift or really make you feel emotions... I have may have ten movies like that, this is one of those top ten.

I might do a post on my top ten inspirational movies to me, we all have different tastes but I can write about the lessons I learned from each movie. I used to be a collector of movies, I owned well over three hundred movies.  I don't collect movies anymore, I can always download them and watch them if I feel the desire to see one.

This movie makes me think how important it is to keep a part of your mind always having a place with hope in it so that when life becomes unbearable, you can go there and and feel free to dream.  We all need that place, otherwise we will get used to our circumstances as Brooks did and when he became free on the outside, he couldn't handle this in his head and he committed suicide.

I believe there are many times throughout our life that we might ponder if there is hope... if we build a strong foundation and always keep a part of your mind where hope can dwell then you will always have somewhere to remember and become strong. I also found a definition of redemption which was: deliverance, rescue... I think we all want to be felt like we were rescued, that is what redemption is about.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield 


  1. My daughter loves that movie. She says that the movie makes you realize how important freedom is. I do not follow or remember too many movies, ) a brain problem I could be having).

  2. Thank you for your comment Munir, this movie has incredible lessons, very uplifting messages ;)


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