The Power Is Within Us

I love this quote above, we all have our own power to change what we want to change.  It also reminded me of what Mastin Kipp from The Daily Love always says about people, he says we are not broken, we do not need to be fixed.  What we need is to gain the knowledge that we are able to make the changes that will make our present and future better. Of course we have no power over some of the trials we have been given but we still make the decision about how we react to the challenges.

I believe that most of us don't want to know that we have that power because if we allow ourselves to believe the truth, we would have to do something about it, we would have to make the necessary changes.  When we don't allow ourselves to know the truth, I think it is so we can sit back and feel like the world is against us, feeling helpless.  That way we can keep feeding our fear with whatever it is that we use to try to make ourselves feel better.

I can see where I fell into this trap in the past but once you gain the knowledge, you can never go back to not knowing it.  So, even when you have a challenge, you start out stronger than you were and when you push through the trial, you end up being stronger than before you went through it.  I think most of us are comfortable with where we are because if we really let ourselves live up to our potential, we would never be able believe how powerful we really can be.

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Thank you Joy, I felt very strongly about writing this :)

  2. Excellent post, Launna. Very positive and uplifting. We are not broken--so true.

  3. Thank you Daisy, we are not broken, we tend to think we are but we change our circumstance, usually we don't want to make the decision:)


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