Poetry From My Heart

I have challenged myself before a few times in the past year, one I have never stepped up to and taken on.  It's writing poetry, I find myself the most vulnerable and the most critical of myself...

So, I have decided to just write what's in my heart and mind without over thinking it and then just publish it.  I used to write poetry all the time but as time went on I became more critical of what I wrote, so I stopped.

Here goes:

My mind is going around in cirles
Ever trying to break down my resolve
I stand firm, not giving in

A song plays and somehow I am lost in time
Thinking of another place, one much happier
Then it's over and I am back to here

I wonder how I will get through
Even though I am stronger than I ever thought
This is different, this squeezes my heart

I had to endure all the trials I endured
So that I would be strong enough to endure this
I hope I gained enough strength from the past

If I had to choose between all my trials
Having my heart broken by you would be the last
For that was more painful that all the others

I will get through this, I always find a way
I worry more about you, will you get through
Especially once you realize what I know

That was five minutes, just basically writing from my heart without really thinking about it.  I cried when I wrote this, I am going to do this a little more often, it actually feels good to write it down.  I hold it in a lot more than I should and I think by sharing it, it will help me to handle it better.

This is the first real poem I have written in almost 25 years... time to make that a thing of the past. 

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield 


  1. Poetry straight from the heart is the best kind. I liked it, Launna. I hope you write more.

  2. Thank you Daisy, I do plan to write more... it can sometimes say more than a regular post I write;-)

  3. From the heart! I find poetry expresses far easier what it would take me pages to explain while at the same time leaving things sometimes open and unexplained.

  4. Hello Launna:
    This is very clearly a heartfelt expression of how you are at a particular moment and for that reason alone it resonates with emotion and depth of feeling.

  5. Dear Launna. Congratulations for the poem! Deep feelings in beautiful words. I hope you continue writing poems and so we can enjoy with them. Thanks my friend. Kisses

  6. Thank you for the comment fessell810, I feel the exact same way... you can write few words in poetry which could take pages of writing... :)

  7. Thank you Jane and Lance, this is a heartfelt expression of my emotions... it was good to write them down...

  8. Thank you Armando... I will write poetry again... I find I am able to say more in the words in a poem than in a whole story :)


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