I Like The Way You Make Me Feel

I have been pondering friendships from my past to my present and it made me realize that I only have friends that make me feel good about myself now... that has not always been the case, I have had numerous friends that I "thought" were friends but we somehow lost contact and when I look back I see that we had stopped making the other person feel good.

Being a good friend takes work, you need to make time for each other... especially when the other person is in trouble.  They would do the same thing for you... you don't do it because they would do it for you, you do it because they mean a great deal to you.  That is how a marriage has to work as well which means we have to give up our ego and see ideas from other peoples perspective.

I know that is easier said than done but as the older I get, the more I expect but I am also willing to offer more.  I just think when you are close friends you give that little extra to each other.

My David is going back in for surgery tomorrow, I am sure that he will be okay but it doesn't stop me from being concerned and worrying.  I personally will be a basket case... nothing new there... I want to be there for him, why do we have to live SO far apart from each other?  So I will not be getting a lot of rest for the next couple of days, not until I know my 'D' is home and healing.

This whole thought came to me when I was thinking about David going in for surgery and how I want to be there for him... I am sure he feels the same way about me.  I know that even though we have difficult times, we work at it by respecting each other and caring about each others feelings... I have been through this process with a few friends... getting through each trial, only makes us stronger friends.

Isn't that the only kind of friend you want?  That's all that I want now... those are the only important relationships, the long term ones that you can always go to no matter how bad/good your day was... Not that these friends don't tell you like it is... I want the honesty, but honesty with love.  I only have a few people like that and I cherish each and everyone of them.  Basically I just like the way they make me feel... I hope I do the same for them....

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield 


  1. You defined and described true friendship very well. I hope David's surgery goes well. I can understand your concern for him.

  2. Hello Launna:
    Yes, it is so important that friends support one another. This is, we believe, the essence of true friendship and even if far apart, as you are with David, there is that certain knowledge that you are there for each other.

    We do wish David a speedy recovery and are confident that all will be well.

  3. Thank you Daisy... I am sure my 'D' will be okay, it is just so very hard that he is so far away...

  4. Hi Jane and Lance, thank you for your comment... always so well written...


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