Searching In The Right Places

I read this quote today, ' Wherever we search, we are searched for. ~ David Wilcox' which made me think that I really need to start searching in better places.  If I search for people, places and events in places that I have looked in my past, I will keep having the same results.  If I instead search people/places/events where I deserve, where I expect more because I should have only the best, I will have my hearts desire.

For some odd reason, it has been difficult for me to believe that I deserve the best... I am sure many people think this way too.  I did not pass that trait on to my oldest daughter, she expected the best and she received the it, I am happy for her.  I do of course want my daughters to want better and I instill that in them all the time.  I hope Valentina follows in her sisters footsteps as well... I just hope she is a little less disappointed in me than Andrea.  I do love both of my daughters completely. 

The truth is that if I want my children to want better, I need to want better for myself.  I give a lot of credit to my oldest daughter Andrea, she really had a plan for her life and she is achieving it, which makes me really happy.  Valentina may not have that trait, she may need me to model what I hope for her... of course I will happy with whatever choices she makes, I will wish and pray for the best for her as I always do for my oldest daughter as well.

So I am going to search for what I need in beautiful places, calm places and joyful places.... I already have some ideas of where these places are, all of them are good and uplifting places.  One of them will be postponed until I am healed from my operation, I think once I can start walking then running, the place I do will be a beautiful and calm place for me to be with my own thoughts and no media taking over my life.

I think in this world today where everyone is connected almost every moment of every day, I think we need to find places where we can just disconnect and be so that we will be able to be clear minded and to search the right places...

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Nice post. I've heard it said that you find what you are looking for. Seeking out beautiful, peaceful, and joyful places sounds like a really good idea to me.

  2. Thank you for your comment Daisy... I thought if I have to search for anything, why not make them beautiful, peaceful and joyful:)

  3. Thank you Sayid... I hope everyone finds it:)

  4. Couldn't agree more about the times we need to disconnect and just be. After going through this odd health stuff for 4 months now I've learned to reprioritize. I'm not as anxious and I don't feel the need to do everything all the time anymore. I get in touch when I can, rean when I want, make time to connect when I'm feeling up to it. You can only be as good as you are to yourself. I hope you heal up quick and enjoy the time you'll have to just be.

  5. Thank you Jenn... I hope you heal quickly yourself... I'll keep everyone updated;-). We are definitely too plugged in these days....

  6. Thank you Ryan, I really appreciate the comment :)


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