Seen, Heard And Valued

Last night made me think about if I really pay attention to what other people are feeling, I really hope that I do because I wouldn't like to know that I may be saying things that could hurt or affect them and not even realize it.  Why was I thinking this?  I had this happen last night and I wondered if they even realized what they were saying might be affecting me?  Well, I was affected... and I'm not sure how they couldn't have seen...

This makes me wonder how connected we are as people? More like we are too disconnected.... Do we think about what we are saying to each other or are we just on auto pilot, talking to be talking?  It has made me think twice about what I say and what feelings it might illicit in the person I am speaking with.  I wondered if I should say something... something like, don't you see that what you are talking about is upsetting me?  I felt somewhat invisible... I felt like my feelings didn't matter... yet they didn't see.

This is especially difficult when the person who is saying the words that affect you and they seem oblivious... is a person that is supposed to know you inside out.  Maybe no one really knows me inside, I guess I only show what I want other people to see.  I wonder if we don't all do this to a certain degree... Now more than ever, I don't feel safe being me, saying what I feel.  This isn't the way to deal with challenges, I need to handle them head on...

I don't understand
Everyday I try, I think I can handle this
Then nights like this happen
I wonder how you say some things

Things that make me cry
I wonder if you even know?
Or do you think everything is fine?
It's not fine, I'm still sad

Tonight I questioned what the payoff was?
I didn't like my answer
Either way I lose...  
Why do I always have lose?

I don't know which loss is harder...
Which one will be what I can handle..
Neither choice is good
Both are painful at best

I'm happy and at peace with me...
I'm twisted about you
Maybe I really have to do something I've never done
To get different results.
I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. I've had that happen where someone will say something that seems hurtful or upsetting to me, but they seem totally unaware how it might have affected me that way. I think much of the time, it is just carelessness where they didn't stop and think how their words might be interpreted. I do think we are often disconnected to the people around us. It's unfortunate that that happens.

  2. You always make me think with your posts, Launna. I wanted to wish you good luck with the operation and take good care of yourself lovely Launna.

  3. Thank you Daisy... I think this is more than carelessness... I think it is more like thoughtlessness... I would think someone that close to me would think more about what they said, I can understand the first or second time... but on and on... can't they see how I am hurting because of it...? I guess not..

    Thank you so much for your comment Daisy:)

  4. Thank you Petronela, I sometimes make myself think when I am posting... lol.

    Thank you for your good wishes, I will catch up with you next week:)


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