Tonight I've decided I want to write the good things about myself, often I pick myself apart... don't we all.  So, today instead of trying to figure out why I do this to myself, I am going to put down all the wonderful things about me, things I know are good or what people in my life have told me.

I am tenacious, I never give up... I know what I want and I go after it.

I have awesome hair, thick, long and beautiful, pretty amazing as I was only supposed to have patches of hair after the fire I survived when I was a child.

I am friendly, really outgoing... I work hard to make people comfortable with me.  There are of course people that are not fond of me, oh well... that is their issue.  I no longer try to figure out why they don't, that is up to them, I can only be the best me and not worry if someone doesn't like me.

I am beyond loyal, I will go out of my way to help anyone of my friends or family.  When I say loyal, I don't mean a door mat, I mean loyal.

I believe in being honest, sometimes it is difficult to be as honest as I am but I don't want to be anything but real, I expect the same in return.

I am respectful of other people and their choices in life, I don't always agree with those choices but it is NOT up to me to advise other people how to live, I just need to respect other people and love them for who they are.

I am loving, I want people to know that I love them and I am inspired by them. I believe in telling people every time they inspire me.

Although I am a great talker... believe me I can carry on a conversation for two people, lol, but I am also an amazing listener, I want people to know they are really heard and really cared about.

I am kind, I don't like to hurt anyone... even if they have hurt me.  I wish the best for all people.

I am a good mama, both of my daughters tell me often that I am...  I am not perfect by any means but neither of them expect that from me.

I am an inspiration, this was a difficult one to learn, I never thought I was but I am... I can see that now.

I am a really good writer, I love to write... it helps to center me and I have learned a great deal about myself.

I am positive, this is something I have worked hard at, I faked it a lot in the beginning; now it's real... when you ask me how I am and I say fabulous, fantastic, wonderful... I really am!  It's not that I have an easy fun life, it means that I am taking the best from it and remembering how blessed I am.


  1. Fabulous post!!!! I loving reading about all the wonderful attributes you hold. You forgot that YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! tee hee :D
    Big hug,

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  3. Launna, that was so good what you wrote! I have to say, that is not easy to talk good about ourselfs, i dont know why! Thank you for your example, I think maybe..i try that too.. at paper first :))


    1. Thank you Maarit, it is difficult but it is possible, I do this regularly... not on my blog but I write positive things about myself whenever I feel like I need to remember how blessed and grateful I am :)

      I look forward to you putting it on your blog sometime;)

  4. I couldn't agree more with everything in this post, you are an amazing woman and yes, you are an inspiration to me as you are a very positive person.
    As for those "not so fond of you" people, it's their loss. Plus you can't make everyone happy, that's their duty not yours :)

    Just so you know I miss you and even if I struggle with free time lately, you are constantly in my thoughts :)


    1. Awe Petro, you are so sweet... Thank you. I am happy we connected through blogging:)

  5. It is hard sometimes to acknowledge the positive in ourselves. Good on you. I hope you stay so positive, as it has encouraged me today, and I'm sure others. You shine.

    1. Thank you Jamiessmiles... I appreciate the feedback and I am grateful that I could encourage you:)

  6. It's wonderful that you appreciate your self like you deserve:)

    1. Sunshine, we should all appreciate ourselves and be grateful for who we are, we all matter... every last one:)

  7. My flower!!! You are talkative, but has content, its essence in words! Nobody can wrap long if not within the issues. Launna, you're amazing, makes a point of visiting the site, comment and share. I wonder how you should be with those who live with you?
    Congratulations on your discovery!

    1. Thank you my sweet Jaqueline... I appreciate all your comments and I adore all your poetry :)


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