A New Day, A New Choice

 A question I had about myself was if I could really walk the walk and talk the talk? Yesterday proved that I can and I will. The girl of the past would have ranted about the injustice and unfairness! I won't do that, I'll take the injustice and better myself. I won't let it drag me down, I'll rise above it.

Many other people in this world have had much more injustice than myself. My little issue is so small and insignificant that giving it any negative energy would only help it to grow. I am better then that, I am stronger.

Today is a new day, a day to work towards positive and uplifting goals, ones that will help me attain my truths. God/Universe loves me and wants me to succeed and I have surrounded myself with people who love and believe in me. I welcome apposing feelings if they come, for it means I'll learn a lesson that will help me to grow.

No one can bring me down but me and that pity train has left my depot with no more stops. When someone is negative with me, I smile and tell them I hope they have an awesome day. People tend not to be negative with me;). They are either positive or they ignore me, either way is fine with me. It is their choice if they want to grow, I can't make people feel happy within, only they can.

Don't get me wrong, I totally sympathize when someone has had a bad day or has had something truly horrible happen. I am talking about people who have nothing good to say ever. You know the one's I speak of, the sun can be shining and it can be an amazing day but they cannot (or refuse to) see the good. I need not waste my energy on them.

On a thrilling note, I'm on cloud nine; in less then one week my David will arrive home and I will FINALLY get to talk to him after a very long 40 days. I will be one ecstatically happy girl, I'm pretty sure I'll be floating and my feet won't touch the ground. I sent him the email that I had compiled over my 30 day cleanse, I warned him in the title it was a book, lol ;).

Also I am down another 2 pounds in 5 days, so that is a total of 42 pounds in 14 weeks. I can and will do this, I am more than capable of succeeding, I just have to put my mind to it. I'm not a quitter!!!

I hope everyone has an amazing day filled with positively and love<3


  1. Hi my dear Launna,

    I've been invited to play a tagging game and required to tag some of my friends myself. Please see your nomination at http://theseamanmom.blogspot.com/2012/05/lets-get-tagged.html


    1. Thank you Petro, I will do this next week... it's a great way to find out about each other:)

  2. Hey,Launna.It's quite simple to say bad things about someone without taking any responsability.I agreed with you in that way.And I like persons which can think positive without seeing the bad part of the things.;)

    1. It's so true Liliput, we all need to take responsibility for our actions. I also believe that we should find a way to be uplifting and positive in all areas of our lives:)


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