Self Worth Is Not Called "That Person's Approval-Worth"

No one took your self-worth from you
You gave it to someone and they took very bad care of it.

So, take it back and from now on, you keep it and take very good care of it.

Love doesn't mean handing over your self-worth
Remember, it's not called "that person's approval-worth,"

                         Doe Zantamata

I have been overwhelmed in the past with my ability to overcome certain weaknesses.  I'm not even sure that I have completely overcome it yet, I know there will be a challenge put before me and deep down I hope that I succeed.   Part of me really prays I'm strong enough but I also know it is tied in with my self worth.

I often think I can't have what I want because I don't believe I'm enough.  This is a sad way to think, a way that I'm sure God/Universe doesn't want us to feel like.  God/Universe loves us, wants us to be happy, wants us to succeed.  I ponder how I can know that God/Universe loves me yet I haven't believed I was enough.

I've wanted to feel special and loved all of my life and I think because I've felt so unloved that I've pushed opportunities out of my way.  When things didn't work out the way I wanted them to, I've turned away, I've made choices that took me down paths that never fulfilled me. I always end up back where I started, wondering why or how I turned away from the truth?

I have a huge opportunity to grow, really grow and put my faith where I should, not where "I" want to put it but where I know I should.  I know that what I want is righteous and wonderful so just because it doesn't happen in my time doesn't mean it won't happen. I need to love myself and I need to feel I am worthy enough to have exactly what I desire.

I also feel that I'm supposed to be an example and by being an example I will gain exactly what I've always wanted in my life.  I don't have to lower my standards to gain what I want or need, I can be loved for me not for what I can give.

I've always felt when it comes to men and relationships that they couldn't or wouldn't want me unless I offered myself.  I even felt this with David, I was sure he couldn't love me unless I gave myself to him.  This isn't true though, why did it take me so long to learn that. Why did I think that was the only way a man could love or want me. 

I know deep in my heart and soul that David would love me even if I didn't offer myself to him, he loves me for me, not for what I can give him. He won't stop being my best friend/soul mate because I don't offer myself to him.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. Life is a reinvention of moments in time with new learning. Living and learning. ;)

    1. Yes Jaqueline you are right, we are always reinventing moments... Always living and learning! Some lessons are harder than others:)

  2. Above all you value your David very much and its quite inspiring for young people like to be trustworthy to whom we love and whenever I read your post I learn something new particularly about life!!!

    1. Awe Sangay, thank you so much, you inspire me too:) I have some amazing blogging friends and I feel so blessed to have them in my life, you are one of them;)

  3. I wish my moom could have this 'artistic' soul as yours. She's just keep saing that my writing is not so much important then study and I should focus on that. Its nervous me so much sometimes!! Anyway, thank you for your comment, It really help me belive and start thinking more optymistic. AND YES YES YES can't wait to see you purple <3 Yes, you should just think about have fun don't care about others opinions because that's the most important! Wish I could do the same..

    1. You can do anything you want Marta and your mom just loves you. Soon you will be able to be as creative as you want to be. I totally believe in creativity. My oldest is a graphic art designer and I love that she is doing something she loves<3


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