What Makes A Man A Real Man

I've been contemplating this all day, what makes a man a good father?  I had a dad who refused to give up his children but then didn't take an active role in our lives.  I think he did better then his own father who left his family when my dad was 10 years old, so my father was basically raised by a single mother, this was really hard to do in the early 1950's (it's difficult now but it had to have been incredibly hard in that era).   My father did the best that he could with what he knew at the time. 

I feel that what makes a man a really good father is the men that have had really difficult childhoods who rose above them and became amazing daddies.  David is one of these, he was raised by his mother alone since the age of 5 and he didn't have a role model of a great father, yet he became an amazing daddy to his children.  You can tell he is a great daddy by the way his daughter dotes on him, I find it very refreshing.

I know there are so many fathers who have not had perfect upbringings themselves but they have overcome their childhoods to become wonderful and caring daddies.  I wish more men took their roles of being a daddy as the most important role in their lives.  There can be many ways a man can gain respect but having the respect of their children is the biggest thing they can ever do.  Sometimes I think that this world doesn't respect when a man is a good father, the world thinks it is more important to succeed in their careers... that is sad.

I think this is just another problem in this world that holds a career in higher regards for a man than how he is as a father.  This is why I love when I see a man who shows up and proves the world wrong by being an incredible daddy.  I see many amazing daddies at my church who think of their children as the precious and wonderful beings that they are.

I want to wish every wonderful father an amazing Father's Day.  In my life there are two incredible fathers that I know, first there is my wonderful and amazing son-in-law Paul Miller, first he is an awesome husband to my beautiful daughter Andrea and a wonderful father to my adorable grandson Jackson.  I love seeing pictures of him snuggling with Jackson.  Also, my David is an incredible daddy, you can tell this by how his daughter expresses the love she has for her daddy when she talks of him.   I think these two daddies in my life are wonderful examples of what makes a man amazing.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield

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