Gaining My Independence Back

Although I am 100% disgusted with the bus drivers, the union and the city for the deal they made that favors the greedy union and drivers.  I am still incredibly grateful that I will be independent once again.  Being able to be self reliant will be fantastic, it means I will be able to start exercising at work in the morning.  I am looking forward to that, I know it will give me a boost of energy.

It also means that Valentina will be home, I miss her little chatter and she misses being home so much.  I know Cindy will miss having her so much but she can still go for short visits, just no weeks at a time anymore. 

I am on track in so many ways, the only thing left is getting this house cleaned and organized.  I really wish Peter Walsh could come to my house and help me to get rid of a good 80% of the stuff I have in my house, lol.  I just want to feel relaxed when I come home.  It doesn't have to be perfect but it needs to have some semblance of order.

I am just going to have to take the cleaning one day at a time, one room at a time and just clear out as much stuff as I possibly can.  I won't have an issue with getting rid of things but I know that Valentina will have problems giving up many of her items.  However; she has to learn now that having stuff is not what makes a person happy.  Many people think that is the way but all they do is get more and more items and it never fills them up.

I want to simplify my life so that I can be comfortable when I come home and I won't be freaked out if someone just wants to drop by for a visit.  Also, if I am organized I can exercise more and do many other things that will help me to grow either physically, emotionally and spiritually.   Right now the clutter just suffocates me.

I am not going to let it over whelm me like I have.  Otherwise, I will never clear the clutter out, I need to take things just one day at a time. 

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