Amazing Best Friends

Best Friends
I know I blog about David a lot but he is my best friend, he makes me smile just to think of him.  When I read this quote last week, it made me think of him immediately, this kind of friend is difficult to find in this lifetime.  My soul has searched my whole life for a friend just like this and I was so very happy that David was the one who filled that longing of mine.

What's even better is that he feels the same way I do, he knows that I would do anything for him.  He has been there for me with every twist and turn in the past six plus months.  With every change I have made, he has been my personal cheering section, even small ones, he continues to encourage me along this path I have chosen.

I know that I have been blessed throughout my life with fabulous friends, all of them women; who are amazing.  Now I have been fortunate enough to find my soul mate friend.  He is the one that I can tell anything to and I do mean anything.  In the past while, he has seen me at my best and my worst; when I have been down, he's been there for me, without an ounce of judgment. We all need to learn to be more that like that.

When people hurt my friends, I want to block the pain they feel, I almost want to take the pain on for them, even though I know I can't.  It is like when your children are sick or sad, you wish so hard you could take on their challenges but you know you cannot or you will take away their progression.  They need the challenges to grow themselves.  I just have to pray that they will be strong enough to get through whatever life throws them.

I'm sure David feels this way about me, he feels powerless when I am in pain; I know this because we are connected and I feel the same way.  Since I know what a kind, loving man that he is, it breaks my heart to think anyone would feel the need to hurt him, he's so wonderful and soft hearted.  To think that anyone could not see how fantastic he is, makes me sad.

I have come to learn over the years that when people hurt you, it is only because they are hurting too and they just give in and project their pain onto other people.  It surely doesn't make it right but I understand them, they don't know how strong they are, so they do all they can to empty the pain.  I have done that in other ways, more hurting myself then people.

That doesn't mean that I think it is right to hurt other people because you are hurt.  I have had unbelievable challenges in my life, when I felt like I couldn't deal with them, I tried to cover the pain with things. However; I have learned that no amount of covering works, I just have to deal with it, something I finally learned from David.  He says he was just along for the ride and that I have done all the work. That might be true but if he hadn't helped me to see that, I may never have got on the path.

I love each and everyone of my friends, they have all taught me lessons and helped me to grow.  I think they are so amazing and I have been blessed to have known them.  It is just extra special when you find your soul mate friend, it is like you have found a part of yourself that you have been missing all your life. 

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