I Am Determined To Succeed

I read this quote and I instantly thought this is what I am like a good 95% of the time, I smile and laugh endlessly,  the people I know are always commenting on how happy and positive I am.  Some wonder why, others are just grateful that I try to find the best in all situations.

I am also one of the most determined people I know, once I know what I want, I don't give up until I get it.  There is little that I desire that I don't end up getting.  Knowing this about myself makes me wonder why I only desire small things?  Why don't I just desire huge things... am I fearful of failure?  Do I not believe enough in myself?

Sometimes I wonder why I am unaware of my own power, we all have the power to change our lives into what we want and desire. We just need to believe and then prove it and dream big.  Then just watch it come to pass, the good thing is that there is not just one huge dream we can have.  Each dream that we desire that comes to pass, only makes the next dream bigger.

All dreams are attainable, we just have to ask for what we want, believe that we will have it and then receive it into our lives.   The reason that dreams don't work out is because we give up and don't believe that they can happen, we are sure they are too big, it's like we don't believe we deserve to have exactly what I want.

I am working on that behavior of mine, I believe that this cleanse will help me get to the next level where I will know that I deserve all my dreams and I won't be doubting any of them anymore.  There will be nothing too big for me not to attain.  We all have this ability, we really just have to believe.


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