Beauty Comes From Your Heart And Soul

I found a new singer that I love, Adele.  I know that most people have heard of her.  I don't listen to the radio though, my oldest daughter texted me that I should listen to a song that she felt was a song for David and me.  "One and Only", the words were absolutely beautiful.  I started checking her out on You Tube and found she sang songs that made me feel.  Another one that touched me deeply was "Make You Feel My Love", that song touched my soul, it really felt like it was written for David and me.

While looking up songs on You Tube, people leave comments and people can be so crude and cruel .  They were going on about her weight.  Really??  She is gorgeous and there is an inner beauty to her.  It made me question why people would feel the need to tear someone down.  My epiphany is that they are jealous, plain and simple... jealous.

What in the world does size have to do with beauty?  I have seen women who were considered beautiful to other people but they didn't have an inner beauty to me.  The outside of someone does not make them beautiful, it is there heart and soul that shines from within.

Surely we should take care of our outer bodies and be the best that we can be but having only that will not suffice in this life.  We are nothing if we don't work on our inner beauty of being kind, loving, non-judgmental and authentic.

I am a bigger curvy girl, I thought it was what held me back from having someone love me.  That has changed in the past 3 years, being sexy has nothing to do with size, that is all in how we feel about ourselves. I have had many men tell me I am sexy and believe me, those men were gorgeous.  Too bad I wasted so much of my youth thinking so little of myself, I have moved on from the past... we all should.

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