You Truly Know You Love Someone, Even If They Are Not With You

I had very little sleep last night, a great big 90 minutes, I ended up being overly giddy at work all day, I laughed so much.  I am grateful that I can see the good even when life doesn't go my way.  Who knows what the future holds, I just have to believe that ultimately down the road everything will work out the way it is supposed to.... worrying about it won't change it.

I am in control of my emotions and I have to say it feels good.  It can be hard to handle at times but I always get through the rough times by remembering that hard times always end.  The difficult times are just challenges that actually help me to grow.  I need to get out of my comfort zone, otherwise I will never reach my full potential.

I have even forgiven the people who have been in my life and hurt me for absolutely no reason, Ruth... my ex step mother.  I forgive her, it doesn't mean that I forget how degrading she was but I don't want her to have any power over my present or future.  Andrey... my soon to be ex husband.  I forgive him, I am free from all the hurtful words he said and he no longer has any control over me or any of my emotions.

I have been thinking about what love really is, for me it is wanting someone to be happy even if they are not with me.  It doesn't stop me from loving them but I know I could never be happy if I made it difficult for the person that I love.  Also, I have no desire to be nasty or think terrible thoughts of anyone.

I only want to give love out to the world because anything less would only leave me empty.  The more love I give out, the more that is returned to me.  I am hoping more people get that concept, if we just loved each other more, judged each other a little less... this world would be beyond amazing. 

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