I Just Need One Reason It Will Work

I love this quote, it reminds me that when I am constantly coming up with excuses why I cannot do something I am afraid to fail at; all I have to do is come up with the one reason why it will work.  There is always one reason.

I am going to focus on the one reason I know I can do things.  Just because something is going to be hard work does not mean that it is impossible.  I have been taking on a lot of new things, I just want to challenge myself, I don't want it all to be easy, I know that if I don't get outside of my comfort zone, I will never progress and really, all I want to do is grow to my potential.

Now that I am back at church, every time I think I don't want to do that, I do it now.  I do it with a good attitude and I am pleasantly surprised at how good it feels.  The past me, found not stop excuses and I would never commit completely.

With work, I finally signed up for my CPA course and I will take the second one immediately after this one.  I am going to have to be organized and study every night.  I cannot cram these courses and do well in them.  I am saving my accounting course for last as I know I will do well in it, I have always excelled in this before.

I have found non stop excuses to not exercise, those are going too, I am just going to force myself to get out until it becomes a habit.  Once I am used to it, I am sure it can be fun, I enjoyed it in the past.  I just gave it up because I wasn't in the right head space.  No more excuses and I will believe in myself.

Mainly I am not giving up on love, I know it can be really painful when the feelings don't get returned.  I am not going to be afraid to keep trying, I will stay open no matter how many times I may feel rejected. I deserve to have love, I deserve to be loved, I deserve to be happy.  If some guy doesn't see that, that just means he isn't the right one.  I won't take it personally.

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