Keeping A Promise To Myself

With all the changes I have made in the past month, I have made promises to myself,  promises I want to keep.  I have been great at keeping promises I make to other people but in the past I have not felt it necessary to keep them with myself.  That came from a lack of respect for myself,  I now expect more.  If I can make a promise to other people and keep them, then I can surely think enough of myself to do it for me.

One thing I have promised myself over the years was to exercise and lose weight.  I always start out with good intentions and then I give up allowing myself to fail.  There it is, I give up... me...  I don't keep a committed promise to myself.  It's as if I didn't think I was worthy enough to do this for me.   I have changed now, I know that I am worthy of the work it will take to lose the weight.

No more excuses,  I am going make a real commitment to myself.  First, I found out it takes about 15-20 minutes to walk to Halifax Shopping Center, so I am going to walk over there in the morning to catch the bus for work.  Then I am going to work out in the gym at work for at least 30 minutes a day.  Once I am comfortable with that, I will add more exercise in the evening.  The weather will be great by the time I am comfortable with doing this.

I have already started eating better, more vegetables and fruit.  I don't eat to deal with pain now.  When I do, I realize it right away and because I do, I can't continue.  I have to be present in how I deal with my feelings now, otherwise I will fall back into my old ways and break another promise to myself.  That is not me any longer, I have been making one promise after another and keeping each and everyone of them.

I am worth it, we are all worth making a promise to ourselves and keeping it, we just have to take the step.  I made that first step tonight.

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