Back To Reality

I had a dream last night, a lovely dream; one I didn't want to wake up from.  I even woke up with a smile on my face than it all came back to me that the dream was just that, a dream.  I wanted to go back to sleep to continue it but off to work I go...

In my dream I somehow woke up when I was 14 and I knew all that I know now but it was like I was given a chance to start all over again.  A chance to make it right, too bad I couldn't go back with the knowledge I have now.  I definitely would have been able to deal with my ex step mother better, I wouldn't have allowed her to get into my head with her negative words as I did when I was younger.

I know, it's probably better that I can't go back or I could really make changes that ultimately might not be better for me...  maybe, just maybe I wouldn't  be the strong person I am today without all the really traumatic incidents.  Perhaps I may not have learned tolerance and compassion as well, I somehow think I would have discovered this anyway as this is who I am.

For a moment I thought I wouldn't want to change the past for I may not have my children but I honestly believe you have the children you are destined to have regardless of the path you choose.  Of course they may not look the way they do now but I believe I would have had their spirits as I was meant to be their mother.

This is all irrelevant anyhow... we cannot go back into the past, that is just a fantasy.  I did however enjoy it immensely while I slept, it felt so real.  Back to reality now...  have I learned anything from my dream?  Yes!  A great deal more than I can even convey...

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. The past made you who you are now, a very strong and wise lady, not to mention sweet and very agreeable. It's always inspirational reading your posts Launa, your daughters must be so proud of you :).

  2. Thank you Petronela, my youngest Valentina is proud of me, my oldest thinks I'm too damaged. I love both of them very much:).

  3. Dreams are such a wonderful insight to what is going on from within!!! And I agree with Petronela, the past has made you who you are a very strong and wise lady. Hugs :)

  4. Thanks Suzanne... dreams can be wonderful and thank you for the kind words:)


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