Just Hold On

I was at a loss for words tonight, if you know me that's saying a lot.  I joke around and say I can carry on a conversation for two people, lol.  I do love to talk, I do however listen just as well.

Anyhow, my best friend told me that he felt God had abandoned him.  That makes me sad, I know that's not true since Heavenly Father cannot take away another persons free agency.  Unfortunately it looks like good people are suffering and people that do wrong to others seem to prosper.

It only seems that way, ultimately good will win over wrong.  It's just a matter of time.  I understand how disheartening it can be, I also see that it sometimes seems we are given too much to handle when we are sure we will break.

It's just when we are almost sure we will break that we need to hold on, things always get better.  I'm living proof of that, I'm glad I've never given up totally.  I've had some really rough patches in my life, I've rarely felt abandoned by God, I however, have turned away from Him when things don't work out on my time.

I'm stubborn, tenacious, I learn the hard way. I forget that sometimes what I want is outside of His control, it's in another persons hands.  I often wonder why I just can't relax and say, okay...  I'm willing to have faith that everything will work out, it always does.

My point to this whole post was that God never turns from us, He does not abandon us, He loves us.  Sometimes it seems that there is too much darkness but the light always comes. 

I am praying for people who feel so overwhelmed and burdened with life, everybody needs a little good here and there.  We also need to try to remember some of those good times when life is difficult. That's one of the hardest tests, I've failed in the past but I'm trying again.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. Hello Launna:
    There are moments in life with us all when we question our faith which, on occasion, is difficult to hold onto. It is then that we need the support of others.

  2. I agree Jane and Lance, I also think we need to support others when they are having a difficult time.

  3. Hi Launna. I'm catching up on your posts here. So sorry to hear about D's son having a stroke. When going through sad and stressful times, it is sometimes hard to hold onto faith and continue to believe. That is the time people need their friends the most. Lifting up another does help strengthen your own faith too, I think.

  4. Thank you Daisy, I'm worried about my "D", he seems to have lost all hope and he feels God is against him. I know that God is not against him but he's sort of shut down from the pain. I want to be there for him.

  5. Hi Launna, I can hear your concern for your friend and all those hurting in your post. You are always an inspiration. I would like to pass on an award to you and your blog,the Liebster Blog Award. Congratulations launna! I think you deserve this award because you are an inspiration. To find out more and accept your award come on over to: http://bhindthesmile.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/a-surprise.html

  6. Thank you Behind the smile, I appreciate the award, that is sweet of you:)


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