Getting On Track

I have been thinking about how I need to get on a schedule with my blog, I have no rhyme or reason with the time right now and sometimes I post twice.  So although I may have a few blogs written ahead, since I write when the feeling strikes, I will just post one every morning before I go to work.  I haven't missed too many days since I decided to commit to writing more.  Also, I am going to play around with the design a bit this weekend to see if I can make it more streamline. 

It's a busy day for me tomorrow but a good busy, I am finally getting my hair cut and colored, yeah... I really need it, it has been 5 months or more.  I am doing a little pamper me day, then Valentina and I are going school supply shopping.  Then buy groceries and finally come home and relax.  I might try to squeeze Walmart in there too, I need a lot of little appliances. 

Then Sunday I plan to relax most of the day as I will be starting the cleanse on Monday and I want to be prepared.  I plan to pre-make my salad for a few days at a time, also large sauces that I can use on quinoa and rice.  I want to learn to make a few tasty bean dishes, if there are  I think I am going to feel free from social media too, I know I will miss the contact but I will use the phone a little more.  I am actually going to throw in stop watching TV for the 90 days.  I may only watch  2 hours a day but that is 2 hours that I can do more important things.

So I am going to be more active and present in my life, with eating healthier, giving up TV and social media and with exercising.  I will be a very busy girl who won't have time to dwell on the past.  I will be moving forward everyday, I am looking forward to that the most.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. Good Wishes!! No TV would be hard for me as I am addicted to Netflix since we don't have cable. I really admire that. Stay strong and stay focused! You can do it!!!

  2. Thank you Joy, I will stay as strong as possible, I think it will be great if I can do this:)

  3. I mentioned on another blog earlier today that several months ago, I decided to declare a moratorium on the internet on Saturdays until after 7pm. I didn't even open my laptop, and I don't have a smart phone, so it wasn't that difficult. I work as a social media consultant, though, so that part of it was an issue. I still managed to keep the promise to myself for three Saturdays and it was wonderful! Then something happened to suck me back into the laptop and I let the habit fail.

    I believe I'm going to incorporate that into my life again. It's healthy on many levels.

    Good for you with your own new steps! Being good to ourselves is challenging, but oh, so healthy and loving. :)

    - Dawn

    1. Thank you Dawn, I'm working on being healthy and loving to myself:)

  4. Best of luck ;)
    Just found your blog.
    Follow each other.

  5. Thank you Izdiher, I will follow your blog too;)

  6. These are good choices for your life.
    Good luck!

  7. Thank you Jaqueline, I want to make better choices:)

  8. Good for you and best of luck in staying with all the changes. Sometimes its hard but going with the new flow can always open worlds of new ways to see things. I need a cut & color right now too but I'm also trying to grow it out for the first time in about 10 years. We'll see!

  9. Thanks Jenn... when I say a cut an color, my hair is still very long and I just want to keep my grey covered :)

    I hope to stay with it long after the 90 days... except for social media and TV of course :)


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