Everything Comes Full Circle

 Resilency, not perfection, is the signature of greatness. ~ Jim Collins

My choices have lead me to where I'm at today, not always the best choices, if I'm being honest... very few good choices.   I was always coming from a place of lack.  The exact thing you're not supposed do, lack draws lack to you.

Last night I had an ah ha moment, the kind I had to learn to be able to get to the next level.  It was the worst ah ha moment I ever learned.  I thought for sure I wouldn't get through but I prayed and I sobbed when I prayed.  Then I felt it and it was overwhelming.

I also had read something from Mastin Kipp yesterday from 'The Daily Love'.  He said do you want to win? Or do you want to be right?   I realized I needed to give up the need to be right so that I could win.  That was an eye opening lesson, it made me really think about what I want and need.

I made the gesture to show I'm capable of being the best me.  I can and will change and learn from this lesson.  I won't give up on my dream, I'm just going at it from a different angle. Patience may not be a very strong suit of mine but I'm learning. 

Everything comes full circle, it always has, this will too.  It's the law of life, we are not just given one chance at anything, we are given many, we learn from the first experience and everyone after that until we figure out the key.

I found a key but I'm taking my time and not just using it until the time is right. Everything has their time and place.  Once I'm where my heart desires, I'll take out the key and finally unlock the lock.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. yup
    our actions will always seem to come back at us

  2. Yes Sayid, the good thing is that I think we are given more than one chance to right it;)

  3. yeah...
    it is better when we can learn from our mistakes
    or from our past

  4. Thank goodness we are given the opportunity to learn from mistakes and try again. I'm not sure where any of us would be without that. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. They are appreciated. :) I hope you have a good week.

  5. It's vital to approach all possible angles, when one is facing life matters. You are a wise lady and a lot more patient than me...I wish you greatest of luck :).

  6. Oh Launna, missed you too... and ...wish you soooo much power!!
    somehow it´s good, that we can learn, and find other ways to look things..just, maybe sometimes..hard way is easyer, after all..i hope..

  7. Yes Sayid, it is probably better that we learn from our own mistakes.

  8. Thank you Daisy, I hope you have a wonderful week too:)

  9. Thank you Unikorna, everyone tells me I am strong... sometimes I wish I wasn't. It's because I am strong that I think I am alone.

  10. Thank you Maarit, I miss you and I thank you so much for the power... I am hoping the hard way gets me to where I want to be... someday soon:)

  11. That's funny, I always thought I would rather be right than win. It kinda twisted my world that it was supposed to be the opposite. I still think I would rather be right, after all, winning is perspective. I have always loved the game more than the outcome.

  12. Thanks for the comment Jamie... I usually have a great need to be right as well but if it means losing David forever... I would rather not be right... I ultimately want to keep him as my best friend.


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